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Blacktop Janae 3

Janae and her friends had a absolute break through when Janae appeared at her friend’s basketball game booing at them while drunk with her sisters and that destroyed their connection together. A lesson from this is don’t let anyone change who you are and always be yourself because doing that will make you crash and burn so don’t do that always remain the same.The bald man returns and tells them to get in his truck and he’ll take them somewhere to train but he takes them in the middle of nowhere and drops them off expecting them to return to his house  by walking and resolve themselves.But that makes things worse since Janae was booing at them they all just bombard her with how they feel about her betraying them like that and when she tries to tell them that she’s sorry they completely ignore her and sit in the sand.What Janae did to her friends was wrong but they have to understand that she’s sorry for what she did to them and they keep refusing to acknowledge that. When things like t…

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Blacktop Janae 2